Thursday, November 06, 2008

O-Town Espionage: Man on the Street

After surveying unsuspecting citizens on Wellington Street and at the safe house, kibitzing with Sens fans in Kanata, and trading e-mail with another Ottawan, I bring you the following snippets.

He’s a Leafs’ fan, but his favourite Senator is Dany Heatley. #1 donut is the Sour Cream, Glazed.

Does is have to be from Timmy’s?

“Nowhere else.”

“I haven’t played hockey since I was a kid.” He doesn’t watch hockey either—or at least doesn’t have a favourite Sen. The Blueberry Fritter is his first choice, but he thinks the Old Fashioned is most popular in O-Town.

“Double Chocolate,” she says without hesitation. But when asked who her favourite hockey player is, she has to think about it…and then says, “Fisher.”

Safe house1
She’s not a hockey fan, so does that mean she knows B-Frit? Nope. She likes crullers, no matter the manufacturer.

Safe house2
“I think Gerber is a great goalie.”

And he thinks the Boston Cream is the bomb. Does it have to be from Timmy’s?

“You know it.”

Dressed in a Bruins jersey, he says he likes the Walnut Crunch (sounds familiar, eh?).

UsherShe digs Chris Neil. #1 donut is the Canadian Maple, washed down with a Triple Triple (milk, not cream).

He’s sporting the Black and Gold, #8 on his back, #4 in his heart…and a Chocolate Dip on his mind.

Kingston2Like father, like son. Almost. The kid likes Kessel and the Old Fashion.

Plain Jane
Dany Heatley is #1 on the ice, and the plain Old Fashion is tops on her donut list. (Maybe B-Frit was right?)

“Plain? What does that say about me? “Jazz it up a bit,” says her husband.

He’s fond of the (Apple) Fritter and a fan of Chris Neil.

2CupDonuts are nothing to write home about. He’ll have a cup of coffee at Tim’s but prefers his first and subsequent cups at Second Cup.

Until next time, O-Town, farewell.